Volunteering at DMS

We love our volunteers! For volunteer opportunities, please call 770-965-3020.

Below are the directions for the online volunteer module that you need to complete before volunteering. If you have completed this module previously, it must be redone each school year to be valid. Thank you so much!
1.       Go to https://www.compliancedirector.org
2.       Click on Georgia (right side)
3.       Click on Mandated Reporting module title
4.       Username: pioneer    Password: resa
5.       Complete the training and assessment during a time when you will not have to stop and resume, but instead can complete in one sitting (allow up to 45 minutes)
6.       When you have successfully completed the module, it will ask you for the following info which is required to have a legal record that you have completed the training
a.       System Registration Username: Hall County
b.       System Registration Password: schoolteacher
7.       When the next screen is presented with the open fields for you to complete, enter your information (ignoring the “…name as it appears on my paycheck is” portion and just list your first and last names as they appear on your driver’s license.
8.       To answer the last field regarding “School or office where I work is:”, use the pull down menu and “Volunteer” will be the first listing if you scroll to the top of that pulldown menu.
9.  Enter your email to receive a confirmation that the module was completed.
10.  Then please forward via email to the teacher you will be working with the receipt email you will get showing you completed the module.