Introduction To Marketing

6th Grade

Course Description:

The “Basic Skills of Marketing” is the middle school introductory course to Marketing. This course will insure that students learn the fundamentals about our free enterprise system and how marketing is imperative to our economy. Students will gain knowledge about basic marketing concepts, and they will develop skills that allow them to use the marketing information through project-based instruction.

This course will encourage entrepreneurial interests and develop entrepreneurial abilities thereby fostering the idea of self-employment as an income generating option. Students will develop basic personal and social skills through their development and delivery of presentations.

7th Grade

Course Description:

“Exploring Marketing Education” connects foundational business and marketing concepts to general business and marketing activities. Students will learn basic understanding of the marketing concepts and the seven functions of marketing.

Students will examine career opportunities in marketing and management and explore job skills needed to succeed in the business world.

8th grade: Marketing Principles

Course Description:

Looking for a hands on class that will teach you the basics of Marketing in an instructional way that is concise, fun, and memorable?  Marketing Principles is the foundational course for all pathways in Marketing Education. You will see how marketing works, how it can be implemented and how it affects our economy. The course will cover marketing, distribution, logistics, management, financial planning, pricing strategies and selling in a way that is easily understood.  This is a must have for the leaders of our future. This is a Carnegie course.


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