School Supply List

6th grade


*Binder with dividers (total of 7 dividers needed)

*Plenty of notebook paper  (will need to be replenished as needed)

*2 composition books (not spiral)

*Graph paper (Cm grid is best; this will not be used until later in the year if you prefer to wait to purchase)

*1 folder with brads and pockets


*Blue/Black pens

*Multi-colored highlighters

*Glue sticks

*Coloring pencils or crayons (no markers or sharpies)


Teacher’s wish list

*Disinfecting wipes

*Hand sanitizer

*Facial tissue

7th Grade


*Notebook paper

*Pencils (Regular or Mechanical)

*Red and black pens

*1-in. binder for language arts

*1-in. binder for math

*1-in. binder for social studies

*2-in. binder for science

*Pencil Pouch (for science binder)

*20 dividers

*Colored Pencils

*Small pack dry erase markers (no permanent markers)


*Glue Sticks

*Small scissors

*Texas Instrument 30XS Multi-View Calculator (Recommended/ Not Required)

8th Grade


*4  1 inch binders

*4 packs of dividers

*TI30XSMV Calculator (Recommended/Not Required) – this calculator can be used for several classes and assessments


*Pencils (many)


*Colored Pencils

*1 Subject Composition Notebook