DMS – “You Choose”- Summer Reading Challenge

AHHHH, SUMMER!  Time to kick back, relax, enjoy some great books, AND JOIN..


What is The DMS  “You Choose” Summer Reading Challenge?

  • Read at least 600 pages this summer
  • Complete any three activities “you choose” (see activity blocks on back) using at least 2 different books. *Partial submissions will not be accepted.
  • Submit all 3 summer reading items to Mrs. Holland by Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  • On each of your completed items, make sure to include: Your first and last name, your student ID # and the grade level you will be entering in 2019-20
  • You can follow Mrs. Holland on: Instagram @ _ dmslibrary    Twitter: @DMSLibrary30542  to get ideas about great new books you might want to read over the summer.
  • Additional copies of this form can be found at:

Note: If you choose to complete ANY typewritten activity or video assignment on the computer you may submit the link to Mrs. Holland on-line at: 

If you use ReadWriteThink, you will need to print your items and submit them in August.

What will I earn (other than knowledge)?

Students who complete the DMS summer reading challenge will be given a special invitation to attend a breakfast celebration party in August. In addition, all students will receive an individual “goody bag” full of items.  During the breakfast celebration there will also be drawings for movie tickets, books, shirts, a Falcon Pass (which gives you free entry into all home games), and more!

Students who successfully complete the entire summer reading program will also receive extra credit points on their 1st 9-weeks report card, which will be counted towards their LA grade.

 **Questions?  You can contact Mrs. Holland at:        

For clickable links and to access this info on Google Drive, click here.