2020-2021 Frequently Asked Questions

DMS Frequently Asked Questions for the 2020-2021 School Year

The information is current as of 7/20/2021

Where can I find the most up-to-date information? dms.hallco.org


What date does school start? August 24, 2020 for students with last names A-K.

August 25, 2020 for students with last names L-Z.

For more information, please see https://www.hallco.org/web/reconnect-hall-calendars/

Will there be buses for my student to ride to and from school? Yes, buses will run their routes this fall. All riders will wear masks or face coverings, and they will be spaced out to the greatest extent possible. Hand sanitizer will be available, and buses will be cleaned thoroughly after morning and afternoon routes.
Does my child have to wear a mask at school? All students are required to have a face covering. When practical, and per CDC guidelines, students will be required to wear their face covering when not socially distanced from others.
Could the schools be shut down again due to Covid-19? The district will continue to seek guidance from the Governor’s Office, the CDC, the State Department of Health, and the State Department of Education on what mode of delivery is best for the students of Hall County. In these days of constant change, we must be flexible and ready to adapt.
Can my student transition back to traditional brick and mortar if we choose virtual? Commitment to either virtual or in-person instruction will be through the end of the semester. However, unlike many other districts, the Hall County School District is giving families until August 28, the final day of the first full week of school, to make their decision.
Will my student receive a chromebook this year? Yes, all students will be afforded the opportunity to check out a device regardless of their decision of traditional brick and mortar or virtual
Will the classrooms be socially distanced? Our classroom dimensions and class sizes will pose serious issues when trying to socially distance up to 6 feet.  However, we will always socially distance everywhere inside our building to the greatest extent possible.
Will Open House be held this year? We will hold virtual orientations for returning students while holding new student orientations for those who are new to our campus. 
Can I bring something to my child that he/she forgot from our home? Yes, we will set up a pick-up/drop-off area outside our building for items which need attention during the school day.
Will I be allowed in the building this year? At this time no visitors are allowed in the building.  
How do I check my child in/out? DMS students will check themselves in at the front desk.  For checkouts, parents will come to the front door and communicate through the security window the name of their child and at that time present their identification.
What time can I drop off my child at school? DMS will not be open for students until 7:45 in order for us to ensure we have enough supervision while keeping social distancing to the greatest extent possible. 
Will there be clubs/sports this year? Yes, both virtual and in-person may participate.
Will there be an Open House? Traditional Open House will not be held in our building this year. Instead, only students in 6th grade and those students new to DMS will come into our buildings for face-to-face orientation. All other students will be offered online orientation and more information will be coming by the end of the week.
Will parents be notified if their child was exposed to Covid-19 while at school? Yes. Health Services Coordinator Andrea Williamson-English will work with HCSD personnel and the District 02 Department of Public Health on contacting parents and conducting back tracing in the event of an exposure to a positive case.
Will IEP meetings be held virtually or in person? The preferred method of IEP meetings will be a virtual platform; however, parents may request an in-person meeting by appointment and with established safety guidelines implemented.

Additional information about Special Education can be found at https://www.hallco.org/web/special-education/

How will car riders look? Parents will be asked to hold up a sign with their student’s name at the first station in order for them to be ready at the portico for pick-up.  More detailed information will follow.
Will students and staff have to take their temperatures? Yes, all students and staff will be asked to self-screen prior to reporting to school facilities.